3 Reasons to Check out the New VW ID. LIFE

September 22nd, 2021 by

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A Preview of What’s to Come in the VW Line of Electric Vehicles

In the automobile industry, you constantly need to be thinking twenty moves ahead. It’s a big game of chess that every major auto manufacturer is playing. Here at Volkswagen Cypress, we’re not only concerned with what drivers want right now, but what they’ll want several years from now. Case in point, Volkswagen knew eventually the country would start to make a shift over to electric vehicles. However, up until recently, owning one wasn’t practical for most people. High prices for EV vehicles along with small driving ranges on a single charge made switching over to electric a hard pill for consumers to swallow.

Rather than rush an electric vehicle to market, Volkswagen waited and carefully developed the VW ID.4, which recently won the 2021 World Car of the Year Award. That’s our style here at VW. We’re more concerned about being the best on the market – not necessarily the first.

Now that the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 is out in the wild and finally persuading new car buyers to consider shifting to a VW electric car, we’ve got our sights set on the next phase. Consider this a preview of things to come. Today we want to talk about the VW ID. LIFE and three reasons why it’s going to be worth the wait.

What is the VW ID. LIFE?

Originally introduced at the Munich Auto Show in September, the Volkswagen ID. LIFE is the next iteration of VW electric cars – a worthy sequel to the award-winning ID.4. It is a subcompact SUV that is designed for urban travel that is aiming to go into production around 2025; however, which markets it will release in is still being decided.

Highlight #1 – The VW ID. LIFE Will Be Extremely Price-Conscious

What’s the big hold-up with people buying electric cars? For the most part, the price. Only recently did Tesla finally release a less expensive version of their own car with the Model 3, but it still clears the $40,000 benchmark.

This is something that VW has been extremely conscious about when it comes to the modern car buyer who wants to switch to electric, but can’t afford the high upfront cost or high monthly payment. That’s why the VW ID. LIFE is going to initially roll out with a starting price tag of an estimated $24,000. When it comes to selecting an electric car, Volkswagen wants to remove sticker shock from the equation with the ID. LIFE.

Highlight #2 – The VW ID. LIFE Will Be Environmentally-Friendly

We already mentioned the VW ID. LIFE will be an all-electric vehicle. That already puts it ahead of those other gas-guzzlers out there on the road. But how can we take things a step further and make it even more environmentally-friendly?

Recycled materials. Although it’s in the concept phase right now, the current VW ID. LIFE uses several different recycled and renewable materials throughout its construction. For instance, the car’s paint is colored using wood chips and the car’s roof is made from recycled bottles. Additionally, the tires are made from biologically based oils, rice husks, and natural rubber.

Highlight #3 – The VW ID. LIFE Will Be Technologically Advanced

There are a lot of fun rumors and theories going around about what the VW ID. LIFE will be and the type of features it will actually offer upon release. A few things that seem to be full steam ahead are cameras being used to replace mirrors, giving drivers high-definition images that can be adjusted in angle and zoomed in on. Additionally, the ID. LIFE will focus on smartphone integration, using the driver’s Android or Apple phone as the vehicle’s center touchscreen. Early images also show an open-topped steering wheel that has a touchscreen as the center to control driving features and its gear selector.

It’s Never Too Early to Go Electric

Whatever the Volkswagen ID. LIFE ends up being, right now it looks to be extremely promising from a pricing, design, and features perspective. And who knows…maybe the next Volkswagen electric car that goes for sale will win World Car of the Year again. We certainly hope so.

It’s going to be more than a few years before the ID. LIFE hits our showroom floors. Fortunately, we have the Volkswagen ID.4 that’s ready and waiting for test driving for all your curious drivers who have yet to sample an EV vehicle. Then you can build and reserve your own ID.4 EV right from our website, and watch it’s journey from production to our dealership with your name on it! Come visit us at the VW Cypress dealership, conveniently located at 19550 Northwest Fwy. in Houston. We also have plenty of non-EV new cars like the VW Tiguan, Taos, and gas-friendly Jetta.

Additionally, if you’ve been searching “used car dealerships near me,” VW Cypress has plenty of SUVs and used cars that are certified pre-owned and have undergone a 100+ point inspection. Make sure to check out our list of special offers as well.

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